Baps & More
Toast and jam 1 slice£1.20
Toast and jam 2 slices£2
Egg Bap£3.00
Beans on 2 toast£3.00
Beans on 1 toast£2.50
Breakfast Baps£3.50

4 item breakfast
Choose from: Sausage. Bacon, Egg, Black Pudding, Grilled Tomato ,Mushrooms, Beans, Hash brown ,Bubble and Squeak, Toast

(Extra items £1 each)

6 item breakfast£6.99
Hamish’s Big Breakfast ( 10 items) Includes a hot or cold drink£12.00
Bubble and squeak with an egg£4.99
7” torpedo roll with 6 cooked items


Scrambled  Egg on 1 x toast ( 2 x eggs)

Scrambled egg on 2 x toast / Bagel ( 3 x eggs)



Scrambled Egg on 1 toast / Bagel with smoked salmon ( 2 x egg)


Scrambled Egg on 2 toast with smoked salmon (3 x eggs)




Cold Baps

Served with Crisps
Brie and cranberry £5
Tuna melt £4.50
Ham £4.50
Egg mayo £4.50


Prawns in marie rose £5.50
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese £5.50


Served with Crisps & Salad
Brie and cranberry£7.50
Tuna melt£7.50

Cheese / Ham


Brie, pesto and tomato


Jacket Potatoes

Served with Salad
Brie and Bacon£6.99
Cheese and beans £5.50
Homemade Chilli £7.99
Prawns and Marie Rose Sauce £7.99



Seasonal Specials
Sausages, egg and chips£8.99
Chicken chunks with chips and beans£8.99
Gammon, egg and chips£8.99
Chilli con carne, served with rice£8.99
Vegetarian Chilli , served with rice£8.99
Homemade Curry, served with Naan, chutney and rice ( Vegan and Vegetarian Options )£8.99
Soup and a roll  ( see board for todays choices) Vegan and Vegetarian options£6

3 egg plain Omelette and salad 

(All fillings are 90p each)

Mushrooms, bacon, cheese, ham, onion, tomato

Cheese on 2 toast with pickle and salad / Goats cheese and Pesto on toast£7
Pulled Pork topped chips with Cheese£6 /£6.25
Chips  £2/ 3
Cheesy chips £2.50/£3.50

Toasted Teacakes 

Salad Bowls     Plain

Ham, Egg, Tuna or grated cheese

Brie or Goats Cheese

Smoked Salmon or Prawns

Ploughmans   Brie or Ham

Smaller Portions

Gammon, egg and chips

Sausage, egg and chips

Chicken chunks, chips and beans

2 x egg omelette and salad












Homemade Cakes

In our Cake Counter
Banana drizzle cake£2
Carrot cake£2
Chocolate crunch£2.50
Chocolate fudge brownie£2.50
Cherry bakewell£2
Rocky road ( Mint or Twix )£2.50
Danish pastries£2
Mint crunch£2.50
Salted Caramel Millionaires Shortbread£2.50

Chocolate Orange Millionaires Shortbread

Various flapjacks

Jam and coconut sponge 

School cake





Scone with clotted cream and jam

Cheese scone with butter and pickle

Toasted tea cake 

Easter biscuits