Baps & More
Toast and jam 1 slice£1.20
Toast and jam 2 slices£2
Fried Egg Bap£3.00
Beans / Mushrooms on 2 toast£3.00
Beans/ Mushrooms on 1 toast£2.50
Breakfast Baps£3.50

4 item breakfast
Choose from: Sausage. Bacon, Egg, Black Pudding, Grilled Tomato, Tinned Tomato ,Mushrooms, Beans, Hash brown , Saute Potatoes Toast

(Extra items £1.20 each)

6 item breakfast£7.50
Hamish’s Big Breakfast ( 10 items) £11.50
Waffle Breakfast, with 3 items£5.50
7” torpedo roll with 6 cooked items


Scrambled  Egg on 1 x toast ( 2 x eggs)

Scrambled egg on 2 x toast  ( 3 x eggs)



Scrambled Egg on 1 toast  with smoked salmon ( 2 x egg)


Scrambled Egg on 2 toast with smoked salmon (3 x eggs)




Cold Baps

Served with Crisps
Brie and cranberry £5.25
Tuna Mayo£5.25
Ham £4.50
Egg mayo £4.50


Prawns in Marie Rose sauce£6.0
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese £6.0
Pastrami and Swiss ( layers of pastrami, emmental cheese, sliced pickles and mustard£6.0
Caprese ( pesto, red onion. sliced tomato, mozerella and rocket)£6.0


Brie and cranberry £6
Tuna melt £6

Cheese / Ham


Brie, pesto and tomato

Add salad and crisps

Toasted Sandwiches ( same fillings as above)




Jacket Potatoes



Cheese and Beans

Brie and Bacon




Homemade Chilli £7.50

Prawns and Marie Rose Sauce 

Add salad 




Seasonal Specials

Sausage, egg and chips small/ large

Gammon, egg and chips small/ large

Chicken chunks, chips and beans small/ large

Cheese on 1 x toast ( goats cheese ,pesto and tomato , or cheddar )

Cheese on 2 x toast ( goats cheese, pesto and tomato, or cheddar )

Add salad

2 x egg omelette

3 x omelette

Fillings, Mushroom, Ham, Cheese, Onion, Tomato

Add salad                              









90p each


Homemade soup ( vegan and vegetarian options)

served with a soft roll

 Chips topped with homemade Chilli £6.99
Small or Large Chips£2.30/£3.30
Small or Large Cheesy Chips£2.80/£3.80
Bowl of spicy moroccan vegetable stew, served with a soft roll


Homemade curries, served with either rice or chips£8.99
Pulled pork in a bap, with chips£8.99

Homemade Cakes

In our Cake Counter
Carrot cake£2.50
Chocolate crunch£2
Chocolate fudge brownie£2.50
Cherry bakewell£2
Rocky road £2
Danish pastries£2
Mint crunch£2
Salted Caramel Millionaires Shortbread£2.50

Chocolate Orange Millionaires Shortbread

Various flapjacks

Jam and coconut sponge 

School cake

Toasted Teacake